PHB Ethical Beauty is giving my hair a makeover


Just got my PHB Ethical Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner through the post and have already used them once, so I decided to track its progress.

Although I dearly love the old brand I was using, it was shipped all the way from Canada which seemed selfish and not very environmentally friendly of me when I could have been buying products that were made right here in England, and whose ingredients are way more recognisable and natural too.

Upload 5


So here we are, trying out a new brand – PHB Ethical Beauty – whose products are not only handmade in England, but are also all of these things too!


Handmade with Love in the UK

Not Tested on Animals

100% Vegan

100% Halal Certified

Eco-friendly and palm oil free!

Safe, natural and organic ingredients


They also give a whopping 15% of all their profits to charity, so I can enjoy this divine shampoo and conditioner as much as I like.

Upload 2

But does it do what it says on the tin? I chose the Volumising Shampoo with Tea Tree and Lime as I love big, bouncy hair when my hair is usually straight and flat. For my conditioner, I chose the Scent Free Conditioner with Oats and Aloe Vera. There was a health reason behind this – I have been using special treatments twice a week for an inherently dry scalp for the past 4 years. If I don’t use the treatment (which is full of chemicals) my scalp gets incredibly itchy, raw, and starts to flake off. I hoped that in using a scent free conditioner like this one as a finishing product, I could finally wean myself off the previous treatment. And so far so good! No itchy scalp, no redness, and best of all my hair is a good volume, shiny and healthy. It even feels better than before because I know I am using products that are good for it and the Earth in so many ways!

Upload 8

I took some pictures straight after I’d come back from running (no make up and no picture styling I’m afraid, so yes there is shaving foam on the mirror). Hair literally just pulled straight down from a rough ponytail and a bit sweaty still. Pretty happy with the results!

Upload 6

Upload 7

Thank you PHB Ethical Beauty, will keep you updated on progress and any other products I use!


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