My Essex Travels


A well-stocked goldfish pond beside the Castle Museum.

I’ve never been to Essex before and I have to say, after my little excursion last weekend, I’m so glad I did! I took a trip to Colchester and the town (and the weather!) were beautiful.

The skies were the brightest blue above the historic Colchester Castle and the daffodils out in flocks of yellow in the gorgeous Castle Park.


Colchester Castle, the largest surviving keep in Europe, originally built on the foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius.


The beautiful view across the Castle Park in early Spring.


Daffodils were out!

The Castle from behind.

The Castle from behind.


Some of the oldest surviving ruins…


And on down the steps to the goldfish pond beside the Castle.


Make a wish!

A little walk down the High Street behind Sunday afternoon strollers.


Colchester High Street.

Next, on to my original venture – the University of Essex, which is absolutely stunning, set in the most calm yet wild grasslands beside the River Colne.


View from the bridge…


The Colchester Campus footbridge over the railway, catching the last of the late Spring rays.


And from the other side.



The Colchester Campus pair of resident Mute Swans.

And finally – a brief spell in Wivenhoe, the most picturesque and hidden gem of a village, accessed via an hour-long ramble down the path beside the River Colne.


Walking along the West Quay, Wivenhoe, at sunset.


Some of the charming, picturesque quayside houses – Wivenhoe.


I saw so many birds rooting around in the mudflats at low tide, but alas my camera ran out. Still, there is always another day!


For things to do in Colchester, you could always check out the Visit Colchester website, take a guided walking tour or take a walk along the Wivenhoe Trail yourself.

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  1. When Essex Uni was built it was reviled as a modern monstrosity and waste of money (I was living in Clacton-on-Sea at the time. But, as you appreciated, Colchester is a fabulous pot of history and great things to see and do. On reflection, to keep your view of Essex intact/unspoilt, I suggest that you quit whilst you’re ahead! 🙂


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