There’s a Festival in This Pub All Year Round


It was my birthday this weekend, otherwise known as Happy International Frances Day, and we spent most of the evening at the Magic Garden Pub in Battersea. If you want a pub with a forever-festival spirit, go here.
Glitterlution has become my go-to product for sparkles that aren’t harmful to the planet. I am a massive fan of glitter, choosing to don it at any given opportunity, occasion or not! I wore plenty of it to the Magic Garden. I am never happier than when sporting a glittery face, and quite regularly wear it around town of a weekend, just to bring a bit of sparkle to life!





It was my 25th birthday ❤


My birthday is ALWAYS accompanied by glitter and sparkles of some kind, but this time I felt extra special and extra lucky because I was wearing a product by the fab and eco-conscious brand Glitterlution, who make their products in England AND make them biodegradable so that they are not harmful or wasteful to the planet when they fall off.



As you can tell, we’re pretty happy about it!


happy 2

magic garden

birthday taxi


I recommend the small 3g pots, as they are manageable and you can pop them in your purse and take them with you anywhere. I went for the Premium Grade Glitterlution Cosmetic Glitter in Silver, Gold and Violet in the 3g pots, and took them with me to my birthday to spread the glitter love!


Flowers and gifts from my lovely friends

Thank you Glitterlution.

If you buy please recycle-logo

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