Eliza Carthy, Eco-Glitter & Mermaid Vibes for St Patrick’s Day

Starry-Eyed Worlds: Biodegradable Glitter & Folk Music in London

I am very proud to say that I am a Glitter Ambassador for the leading biodegradable glitter company Glitterlution, so now I can share all my glitter queen techniques with you here!! Glitterlution were the first brand to produce 100% biodegradable glitter and I’ve been wearing them ever since I bedecked myself (& most of the pub) with the 3 of the 4 colours that they did at the time during a very memorable birthday of mine at The Magic Garden in 2015. Today, Glitterlution have 77 different cuts & colours of glitter (and counting) as well as thousands of loyal glitter customers!

The first ever pots I bought from Glitterlution! 

As my friends know only too well, I wear a lot of glitter. I keep pots of it in my bag at all times to offer to strangers – festooning glitter over everyone in London is a happy pastime – so it seemed the natural step to spread the slogan #sparklesustainably and really give a platform to all the gorgeous colours Glitterlution have to offer! They remain the leader in their industry & their prices are super affordable. Here’s what I used to create my St Patrick’s Day look, which I wore with pride to see my all-time favourite Folk musicians Rosie Hodgson, Rowan Piggott & Eliza Carthy at Kings Place in London. If you are ever looking for a great place to listen to folk music, check out Kings Place – the artists who perform there are incredible. And they really love it when you wear glitter.

I managed to mix my ‘St Patrick’s Day glitter look’ with serious mermaid vibes last night & got a shout from the performers for doing so. To get the full ‘I accidentally crossed St Patrick’s Day with a Mermaid’ effect, use:

Fine White : Base coat (light under-colours make the others pop)

Mermaid or Festival Green : Highlighter for the Eyes & Cheek bones

SuperChunky Turqouise : Lip gloss or lip balm first then dab it over

To give full coverage, chunky glitter always works most impressively on the lips. Add a touch to your temples as well and away you go!

Eliza Carthy complimented me on my make up & my night was made.

Happy St Patrick’s Day my darlings, here’s to many more!

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