This Just Happened… Vol. #2

1. The Mermaids of Seattle 

Found via Weird Wild World

2. The World’s First Ever Recycle Mall

Located in Sweden, Rob Greenfield tells us that this mall “almost everything sold here is repurposed or upcycled, and anything else sold in the mall must be environmentally ethical. It’s located right next to a recycling facility so people can easily drop off stuff they don’t want anymore, rather than it being wasted.” – Found via Rob Greenfield

3. This amazing news – read more about it here 

Found via Bee Love Global

4. Another Zero Waste Supermarket Opens in the UK

The Clean Kilo – zero waste and plastic free supermarket – has opened in Birmingham, 2018

To find your local zero waste supermarket please click here!

Found via Wearth London and their really incredible blog!

5. This college in America

Where grades aren’t used and students have full freedom to design their own major, roam the 1,000 acres of forest and explore over 3,300 feet of unspoiled beaches on the Puget Sound…

Evergreen College, found via

Hope you enjoyed!

In Love&Light, EGL XOX

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