About Me

Mummy and Me

Graduating from King’s College, London

La Femme Françoise was born from a slightly misguided, but not altogether fruitless, excursion in October last year when I moved to Paris to meet and work for my blogging idol ‘Messy Nessy’, better known by her iconic, eclectic website Messy Nessy Chic. It was here that I learnt the majority of what I now know about the blogging world and about the power of the web -huddled in her beautiful clubhouse just off the Boulevard St Germain, making merry into the early hours of the morning… We did do some work too, of course!

The purpose of this blog is to uplift, encourage and inspire people to engage with their natural environment and with each other to create a positive, socially responsible imprint on the world. It may be celebrating Nature’s beauty or thinking critically about the source of the food, clothes and manufactured goods that we buy.

Living and working in central London, you are no better placed to witness some of the incredible ideas that our generation are coming up with to counter and preempt those who are less environmentally friendly. There is so much good news and hope surrounding this century that social media is helping to spread, and I want to be a part of that.

It is my hope that this blog will be a happy haven for all those seeking forces of good in the world, and will help to inspire hope and change where there is change to be made.

Peace and Love,

Frances Scott

If you would like to contact me…do!

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