Mother Nature

Magic Mondays, Episode 2. Hidden Horses and City Stables On My Walk To Eltham Palace in London

It was whilst we were on our way to Eltham Palace & Gardens, an English Heritage property about a 45 minute walk from where I live in South East London, that I began to have the feeling we were being watched. (more…)

Walking in Yorkshire Woods on a Frosty Winter’s Day


There is nothing quite like walking in the woods alone, in winter. I love the stillness, as though your breath is the only thing moving. Tang of dying leaves and soft sunlight. Clean footsteps and crisp cold air. (more…)

Thoughts on Aries


Just a quick post on Aries, my star sign. I’ve been reading loads of inspiring quotes recently from @Zodiacfact and @Illuminati who both have great Twitter accounts for positive thoughts and zodiac followers. I decided to post some of the quotes that came up on my feed today because they were really, really accurate! (more…)

I give myself very good advice…


For too long I’ve pretty much been feeling like the above, writing down all my life lessons for myself and then never remembering them until I’m inebriated on the tube and scrolling through my phone thinking how wise I am! So I’ve decided to write them down here and dedicate a page to it so that they can help me and, hopefully, a lot of other people too who might need a little pick me up! (more…)

Battersea Park Wonders


My chiropractor told me recently that they film a lot of ‘Made in Chelsea’ in Battersea Park…I wouldn’t know, but their locations team has a good taste in scenery! (more…)

My Essex Travels


A well-stocked goldfish pond beside the Castle Museum.

I’ve never been to Essex before and I have to say, after my little excursion last weekend, I’m so glad I did! I took a trip to Colchester and the town (and the weather!) were beautiful. (more…)

London Storybook: My Photos from Around the City – Autumn 2015

Click on the photo and read the captions to find out where to see all these amazing birds!

Down by the Salley Gardens

Dolores Keane

I decided my first Music post should be about the eerily beautiful, melancholy Irish song ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’. Growing up with an itinerant, loud and song-loving Yorkshireman who spent his time farming in one of the most stunning parts of Sussex and whipping-in for the Brighton and Storrington foot beagles, Irish folk and hunting songs were the backdrop to my early life… (more…)