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Top 5. Findings This Week To Give You Hope Vol. #1

1. As of 17th May, Brisbane City Council has banned plastic straws, water bottles and helium balloons!


Top 5. Quotes This Week To Make You Smile Vol. #2

1.      found via Under Protection


Happy New Year! A Peaceful Compendium of People Loving Life & Hugging Animals From All Around The World


So because loads has been written about Woodstock already and because it’s New Year I’m not going to write an article all about Woodstock now. But I do still want to leave you with a totally celebratory article about love and peace and general happiness to ring in the New Year – and hopefully set a precedent for what’s to come! (more…)

Brave New World – Inspiration for a New You

Living isn’t always easy, is it? And yes, I know that we in the Western ‘world’, especially in England, have it pretty good, and I am incredibly grateful for that. But one thing that life has taught me so far is that it is okay to take a moment and realise that you could be travelling down a certain path that is making you truly unhappy. Hopefully this will help 🙂

If you want to know where your heart is...


Need to be doing some of this this weekend….



Follow them, they will make you happy.