Magic Mondays, Episode 2. Hidden Horses and City Stables On My Walk To Eltham Palace in London

It was whilst we were on our way to Eltham Palace & Gardens, an English Heritage property about a 45 minute walk from where I live in South East London, that I began to have the feeling we were being watched. (more…)

Spotlight On: Botanicals Organic Skincare – Why This Is The Best Beauty Decision I Ever Made

Here it is – the beauty secret that I have been waiting to share with you… FOR THE LONGEST TIME! (more…)

Brave New World – Inspiration for a New You

Living isn’t always easy, is it? And yes, I know that we in the Western ‘world’, especially in England, have it pretty good, and I am incredibly grateful for that. But one thing that Life has taught me so far is that it is ok to take a moment and realise that you could be travelling down a certain path that is making you truly unhappy. Hopefully this will help πŸ™‚

If you want to know where your heart is...


Magick at Treadwell’s


I am just starting to my make my foray into the world of paganism and magick. I am still learning, and I know I have A LOT to learn, but I am happy in the knowledge that it feels good and natural to do it. (more…)

There’s a Festival in This Pub All Year Round


It was my birthday this weekend, otherwise known as Happy International Frances Day, and we spent most of the evening at the Magic Garden Pub in Battersea. If you want a pub with a forever-festival spirit, go here.