The Best Garden Centre In East London Is Also Absolutely Gorgeous


When I stepped into this garden centre in East London, just down the road from Cambridge Heath Station, it was like a breath of fresh air… literally – all the London smog and bits that fly in the air out on the main road were replaced by air that was cool, clean and sweet-smelling. All of this greenery in a completely unimposing warehouse building on Cambridge Heath Road. Step inside to have a look around!


Why Granada is the Perfect City to Visit When You’re Penniless

Street 1

Okay, so how do I know that this is the perfect trip for people who are penniless, in desperate need of a holiday, and need to be in cities where they are surrounded by green? Because if I can do it on the tightest budget ever, then you can do it too! (more…)

This Eco-Fashion Model Holds The Key To The Most Beautiful Indoor Garden in New York


I’m so happy to have read this article by Modern Farmer on the prolific indoor garden of New York dweller Summer Rayne Oakes – writer, model, sustainable clothing- and health food-activist. Here is a sneak peak of Summer Rayne’s enviably green space and you can read more about it here!


FOUND: Amazing Ethical Fashion Website That We Could All Be Shopping On

Screen shot 2016-06-10 at 21.25.17

I have found the most AMAZING ethical fashion website that I had no idea existed!


Need to be doing some of this this weekend….



Follow them, they will make you happy.

Magick at Treadwell’s


I am just starting to my make my foray into the world of paganism and magick. I am still learning, and I know I have A LOT to learn, but I am happy in the knowledge that it feels good and natural to do it. (more…)

Never Rush A Post… or a Fashion

boob tee with rose

Yesterday I really tried to rush this post and it didn’t work – SLOW fashion is what it’s all about. Scroll down for all the eco-fashion goodies.  (more…)

There’s a Festival in This Pub All Year Round


It was my birthday this weekend, otherwise known as Happy International Frances Day, and we spent most of the evening at the Magic Garden Pub in Battersea. If you want a pub with a forever-festival spirit, go here.

Battersea Park Wonders


My chiropractor told me recently that they film a lot of ‘Made in Chelsea’ in Battersea Park…I wouldn’t know, but their locations team has a good taste in scenery! (more…)

My Essex Travels


A well-stocked goldfish pond beside the Castle Museum.

I’ve never been to Essex before and I have to say, after my little excursion last weekend, I’m so glad I did! I took a trip to Colchester and the town (and the weather!) were beautiful. (more…)