Good Friday At The Barbican Conservatory

Exploring London’s Largest City Conservatory In My Great-Aunt’s Dress


Where To Find London’s Oldest Botanicals Garden & A Secret Café

London’s Café Hideway In The City’s Sweetest Secret Garden


Who’s There? Hidden Horses and City Stables On My Walk To Eltham Palace in London

Magic Mondays Episode 2.

It was whilst we were on our way to Eltham Palace & Gardens, an English Heritage property about a 45 minute walk from where I live in South East London, that I began to have the feeling we were being watched. (more…)

The Best Garden Centre In East London Is Also Absolutely Gorgeous


When I stepped into this garden centre in East London, just down the road from Cambridge Heath Station, it was like a breath of fresh air… literally – all the London smog and bits that fly in the air out on the main road were replaced by air that was cool, clean and sweet-smelling. All of this greenery in a completely unimposing warehouse building on Cambridge Heath Road. Step inside to have a look around!


My Storybook from Around the City, Winter 2015 – 16

London Storybook: My Photos from Around the City – Autumn 2015

Click on the photo and read the captions to find out where to see all these amazing birds!

Storybook to London Life : Greenery, Parks and Wildlife In Summer 2015